South Africa’s booming film industry continues to attract international film makers. Breathtaking and diverse locations in very close proximity to the city, clement weather, rainbow faces, best-in-the-world crews, government incentives, and an attractive exchange rate, create a profit-based package hard to refuse.

Here are 8 reasons from Silverline 360 explaining why you should consider filming in South Africa:


A staggering array of architecture and location options – just about any familiar scenery on the planet; city life and infrastructure; beaches, vineyards, forests, crop lands, mountains, dunes; the best of Africa’s bush and savannah settings.


International filmmakers value the passion, energy and work ethic of South Africa’s highly skilled crews and technicians, and the ready availability of the best technical equipment and infrastructure. Filmmaking provides 25 000 local jobs in the country.


10 hours direct from Europe to Cape Town and Johannesburg – plus a similar time zone, makes a South African location an easy production choice.  Max 2 hours flying time gets you to all major cities. Excellent road infrastructure.


English speaking crews with extensive experience in working with international teams provide technical, creative and admin services at competitive rates. 12-hour working days, 10-hour turnarounds.


Exchange Rate
South Africa’s awesome exchange rate is best loved by the financials who are tasked with the unenviable task of stretching a fixed budget.
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Casting Options
A wide cultural diversity offers a pool of local talent for artists, extras and models; and a portfolio of international models migrate here each summer.  A vibrant industry has ensured that our English speaking talent is well schooled in accents allowing for a variety of casting options.


Cutting edge telecom infrastructure to connect worldwide and transmit digital files within minutes.  Reliable networks are fixed line [ADSL],  Fibre optic broadband and wireless.  GSM for international mobile roaming; or local mobile hire.


Moderate Climate
Cape Town averages 14 hours of sunshine in summer [22-24 ℃ Oct-Mar]; rain in the winter [Apr – Sep] with averages of 10-18 ℃.  Johannesburg,  an international hub with flights to over 50 000 destinations,  offers blue skies in winter [May – Oct] averaging 11 hours of sunshine; rain in summer. Great all year round filming.