As life slowly returns to “normal” and companies gear up for the end of the year, we are pleased that our studio can welcome back media launches and events. Our Kitchen Studio at Atlantic Studios is the perfect venue to host safe and socially distanced gatherings. 

The Kitchen Studio is an impressive 1585 square feet and is large and flexible enough for product launches, media launches, team-building exercises, company functions and more.  Johnson’s product launch is a lovely example of how you can utilise this space for your product launch or brand activation. The event was a food and beauty experience that was held in our kitchen studio. The guests were treated to getting hands-on and cooking up a storm themselves with the ingredients found in their latest product. The Sariekos event is another great example of how to use the studio in a creative, fun, and innovative way. It was a lovely four-night event that hosted around 320 guests. They had a six-course meal and fitted 1920 tables, 45 cherry trees and very happy readers into the studio space to create a beautiful warm Christmas atmosphere. SARIE also used our studio to celebrate their 70th birthday.

Due to our adjusted lockdown level, end-of-year functions and media launches are allowed within certain parameters. Our Kitchen Studio boasts a large and airy space that will comfortably accommodate guests with plenty of masked breathing room for your attendees. If your company is eager to host an event, whether it’s to launch a new product or simply reward the team after a hard year, we can offer you a safe space at Atlantic Film Studios.

Woolworths recently hosted their Festive Media Launch event where they proudly got to showcase their latest offerings in fashion, beauty, makeup and food.  It was an absolute hit, just have a look at some images shared by Kayise Ngqula and Claire Robinson.

So, if your company is looking for a large space to host a safe and socially distant event, our fully equipped kitchen studio place is the place for you! Think out of the box with this studio and you can transform it into the perfect setting for your next event, activation, or launch.