kykNET, has commissioned a new weekly Afrikaans female-skewed panel talk show entitled Tussen Ons, which is being filmed in front of a live studio audience at Atlantic Film Studios. The talk show, produced by Homebrew Films, is presented by Tracey Lange (media personality and KFM Radio show host) Kay Karriem (editor of Kuier Magazine) Ingrid Jones (executive and editorial director Mikateko Media), Success Lekabe (Bok radio show host) and Zelda La Grange  (author and motivational speaker).

The show is about creating conversation around issues people are facing on a daily basis. Topics covered include women empowerment, body positivity, empty nest syndrome, phenomenal women, food heritage, music heritage, etc. The aim is not to solve the world’s problems, but it’s about planting the seed for broader discussions around these issues. There’s also a moment on the show called Tussen Ons Liefde – where they uplift communities by assisting NGOs and those less fortunate. There’s an activity segment, which showcases different foods, fashion trends and pole dancing. The aim of the activity is to get the ladies on the panel and the audience involved.

“All our topics have been well received, people really loved the talk around phenomenal women, and the work they do in their communities, Body positivity was also lovely where they spoke about confidence and how all women are beautiful, and women empowerment – and how women have to be dressed a certain way to be taken seriously” says Kaylee Kruser, Content Producer.

Weekly guests who join the panel have included comedian Marc Lottering, singer Sonja Herholdt, former Miss SA Amy Kleinhans-Curd, current Miss SA Tamaryn Green, and Actress Jill Levenberg to name a few. The response from the public has been phenomenal, especially on social media when the show is being aired. Audience members come back week after week to experience the show live in studio.

“We love shooting at Atlantic Film Studio. Every week sponsors come and set up a table in front of the studio either showcasing their goods, or giving our audience an experience. For example we have had ladies here from a hair salon touching up audience members hair before the show. We have also set up a flower wall – where the audience takes pictures with the hosts after the show. The space at Atlantic Studios works very well for our show, and we love the set” – says Kaylee Kruser, Content Producer.

Tussen Ons will air every Thursday night at 20:00 from July 2018 on kykNET & Kie.