While the world works together to fight this pandemic and we are mostly homebound, it doesn’t mean you can’t restore some sort of normalcy as an entertainer/artist in your new day to day life under lockdown.

This is a difficult time for entertainers, artists, and actors alike, with studios not being operational and shows being cancelled due to the pandemic our world faces, the pressure of it all can really affect your mental health and not to mention financial stability. It’s so important now more than ever to occupy your train of thought and fill this newfound time by staying productive.

Nurturing your mental health as well as keeping a level head is crucial, why not try to fill your time with these helpful tips on how to cope in lockdown

Stay connected to your friends and family

We are all in this together and what you’re going through is not too far off from what your closest friends and family are going through, keep in touch with your loved ones by having multiple video calls to check in with one another or even download a platform like Zoom to have a combined family chat, just like the good old days…well, close to it at least

Keep your fans entertained as well as yourself

With live videos on Facebook and Instagram you can upload a great video of you in your daily life to your social media platforms with as little as a smartphone, how cool is that? You will be surprised by how many of your fanbase would love to connect and relate to you by just seeing that you too are going through the motions of what lockdown has to offer. If you’re really feeling in a rut you could even download Tik Tok, a platform that has absolutely gone viral within this period by simply uploading a funny and relevant video to those who follow you. As artists, it’s important to still remain relevant during this time and connecting on a personal level with your audience is a good way to do this.

If you’re a production wizard or worker bee why not build your own studio or study?

You are spending plenty of time in your home now so why don’t you create your own safe space such as a studio or study area to allow you to get some work done by feeling like you still have a place to go to, even if it is just 20 steps from your bedroom. As a music producer, why not remix some outdated songs and bring new life to your old tunes. Or even call up a musically inclined friend and do a demo together, online of course.

Feeling productive yet? It’s time to use your time wisely and stay productive. While the world works together in fighting this pandemic, do your part, stay home, stay safe and stay inspired.