South Africa has a vibrant music industry and while in large music video budgets are meagre, this sector is the “spawning ground” for up and coming, “Indi” and established film makers alike. To date Atlantic Studios has hosted the Music Video productions of:

    1.  AKA
    2. Stoker
    3. Locnville
    4. Matt Carstens
    5. Francois Van Coke
    6. Jack Parrow

Atlantic Film Studios is the perfect location for Music Videos as our rooms are designed to be modified according to your needs. We created a dedicated and sound isolated environment to confidently host music video productions. These sound proof studios also avoid activities cascading into the neighbouring environments of our “sound sensitive” tenants who use our space to shoot commercials and TV series. With music video productions beckoning “’artistic licence” they are in most instances somewhat overly “creative” i.e. flying paint, bursting water balloons or whatever the imagination has conjured up. It is thus necessary for their environment to also be a durable “work horse” Studio.

The attributes necessary to boast of such environment would be the following:

  1. Sound Proofing
  2. Infinity Curve
  3. Lighting Gantry
  4. Access Tower
  5. Wardrobe Room with change rooms
  6. Make-up Room
  7. Standard ablutions including a shower

If you would like to find out more about our studio space and take a tour of where you could be shooting your next video, send us an email.