Whether you’re interested in creating a new cooking inspired TV series or looking for a unique concept for a product launch, we have the perfect studio just for you. Our amazing kitchen studio is a large flexible space that has played host to many South African cooking shows including Kokkedoor, Kokkedoor Kardoes and Kokkedoortjie. It is equipped with ample storage space, plenty of move around space and kitted out with the newest equipment. The interesting thing about the Atlantic Kitchen Studio however is that it’s innovatively used by leading brands for a lot more than cooking shows.

Studio spaces are becoming popular for bigger brands to host their product launches, simply because studios are a blank canvas and the possibilities are endless. Our studios offer a large, flexible, and accommodating space that can be used for pretty much anything. We always are getting enquiries about our space for corporate events, product launches, and marketing campaigns. It is amazing watching the studio being transformed into something completely innovative and different.

The kitchen studio space has enough space to do more than just shooting television commercials, you can use it for your next marketing campaign, for product launches, company events, and team buildings. Think out of the box with this studio and you can transform it into the perfect setting for your next event, activation, or launch. If your brand is working with influencers, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. With our studio you can come up with exciting product launches and activations that can put you one step ahead of your competitors. Imagine hosting a product launch that requires the guests to hands on and be a part of their of their reality show? Definitely a brag-worthy Instagram moment!

The Johnson’s product launch is a lovely example as how you can utilise this space for your product launch or brand activation. The event was a food and beauty experience that was held in our kitchen studio. The guests were treated to getting hands on and cooking up a storm themselves with the ingredients found in their latest product. The Sariekos event is another great example of how to use the studio in a creative, fun, and innovative way. It was a lovely four night event that hosted around 320 guests. They had a six course meal and fitted 1920 tables, 45 cherry trees and very happy readers into the studio space to create a beautiful warm Christmas atmosphere.

So if you are looking for a place to have your product launch, team building, brand activation, or company events then our fully equipped kitchen studio place is the place for you!