There are many options to consider when choosing the perfect location to shoot your movie, TV show or even commercial. Outdoor locations are often first choice for movies but often studios are the way to go for the bulk of the production. According to Zero on Zero, when filming in a studio or on a sound stage, you have a more controlled environment where the sound and visuals can be edited to your specifications. Sound proof studios make it easy to keep traffic and other noise out of your footage. You can also choose to shoot in front of a green screen and insert a multitude of backgrounds during the editing process. While in-studio shoots are ideal for indoor scenes, some may still go for an outdoor feel with lighting and props, especially in areas where weather is an issue. While on a sound stage, you have the option to shoot several different interior shots without moving a crew all over town. An office, factory, bedroom, etc. can all be set on the same stage just with different set pieces, saving precious time and money.

No matter whether on-location or in a studio, you should make sure your location is equipped with the facilities needed to make the video production run smoothly, including electricity, restrooms, internet and/or cell service, etc. The availability of post-production facilities is also equally important to save time and money.

The Atlantic Film Studio complex in Cape Town consists of over 32,000 m2 of which 11,000m2 is under roof. Our facilities are broken out into eight studios, of which two are used permanently by the kykNET series, Suidooster.

  • Studio 1 – Suidooster (unavailable)

  • Studio 2 – Suidooster (unavailable)

  • Studio 3 – 514 m² (5,532.65ft²)

  • Studio 4 – 596m² (6,415.29ft²)

  • Studio 5 – 257m² (2,766.32ft²)

  • Studio 6 – 746m² (8,036.33ft²)

  • Studio 7 The Epic – 3,394m² (36,532.71ft²)

  • Studio 8 The Kitchen – 483m² (5,198.97ft²)