As a professional artist, filmmaker, or musician, the best part about having a studio to yourself is that you have a personal space to work from that is not your home, apartment, or the local coffee shop. Studio spaces are designed and decorated to facilitate productivity. While it’s nice to work at home, you may find that the creative juices don’t flow as well when you are working in the same place you eat, sleep, shower, and relax in. In a studio space designed for unlocking creativity and enabling you to create, you’re free from unneeded distractions. The bonus is that everything you need to work with is close by, especially if this means large equipment such as musical instruments or workstations.

For many artists, musicians, and filmmakers, studio spaces mean that the space around you is optimised for your work and your projects. The environment works for you, rather than against you, keeping you from the urge to scroll through your Instagram feed, watch cat videos, or clean your house. It’s your own personal creative heaven.

Creative studio spaces can be designed to support the needs of individuals and teams as they move through their creative process. The possibilities are endless in designing the right focus space for you or your team. At Atlantic studios we have a variety of spaces available for you. We also have an onsite cafe to help fuel your mind and tummy with delicious coffee and a variety of eats, so you don’t have to stray too far from your creative zone.

One of the artists using our space as his own creative hideaway is Kyle Shepard, an award winning musician. He designed his creative space to compose and record his music, as well as to collaborate with his team. He says that, “An artists space is his sanctuary!! The natural light in my space is so energising and helps my creativity! “And we could not agree more. Each space can be uniquely designed to suit your needs.

Creative spaces are changing the way work is regular environments. According to various sources, minimalistic and general office spaces reportedly make workers miserable and unproductive. With a creative space you can create a work environment that can have a huge impact on your productivity and idea creation. Create your own creative space, ideation hub, or team work place to help your ideas grow. For more information about the various options available, email