The new series of Black Mirror might look like it’s set in America, but takes viewers on a global trip instead. According to iNews, as Black Mirror has moved from Channel 4 to Netflix, it’s obviously seen the production values and the budget jump up considerably. The Miley-Cyrus led film – in which she plays Ashley O, a popstar whose personality is cloned by her evil aunt and manager – might look like it’s filmed in America, but it was actually shot on location in South Africa. Charlie Brooker has previously revealed why: “We’ve never filmed in America. Every time we’ve had a location that looks like it’s in America, it’s either been South Africa, Canada or Spain. It’s too expensive for us to film in America.” He added: “You can get all the locations you need [outside of the USA]. It’s weirdly punitive to shoot there.”

It was incredibly exciting to have parts of Season 5 shot at Atlantic Studios. Besides the large sound proof studio space and amenities available at Atlantic Studios, the backlot is also an attractive feature for our international clients. With 450 parking bays, the backlot at Atlantic Studios makes it a popular choice for large scale productions and is a firm favourite with international clients. The space is so large that it can also be using for staging and construction. Having had numerous international actors shoot at our studios, the one thing enjoyed the most is the privacy, security and discretion. Having enough space to accommodate everything needed for production, makes it much more convenient and makes Atlantic Studios a favourite choice.