A recent article published in The Callsheet magazine highlighted that the South African film industry anticipates steady growth in film productions and co-productions during 2018. Film commissions report that 2018 is looking good from a production and coproduction perspective. Carol Coetzee,  CEO KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission, confirms they have at least nine productions taking place in the province next year, from drama series to documentaries and feature films. Carol says that projects that were at the developmental stage three years ago when the KZN Film Commission started are now reaching fulfilment. Next year a lot of exciting projects are moving from development to production, she notes.

With regards to awards, 2017 was a phenomenal year for many South African productions which received global awards. The industry is looking forward to more local content making international wave this year. The calibre of entertainment being produced locally is on par with many international productions. D Street Releasing, the distribution arm of D Street Media Group has made clear of its intentions to be the go to distributor to handle South African and African films that can compete with other English and foreign language films in America, and is actively looking for a content partner in South Africa to help grow that business. “The way we see growth happening in the South African film industry is from the outside in. Indeed, creating a star system will be a huge part of that, but more importantly we think utilising America’s more than 40 000 screens as a home for South African films is strategic and central to the plan. If France can generate an almost $100MM annual box-office take in America, there’s no reason why South African films can’t do at least half that business,’ said executive producer and CEO of D Street Media Group Dexter Davis. “South Africa has to think bigger about being a global player in film and cannot depend on its own screens to build its industry. The country has the talent and the know how. Hopefully it has the will to be bold as it has in other industries. Obviously, D Street wants to be a big part of that.’

So, with all that’s going on in the industry, we are really looking forward to what 2018 holds.