Surface Area:     
No Gantry.                     
Load Points:                    
Fresh Air System:           
House Power:     

Back Up Generator:    
Semi Sound Proof

257m² (2,766.32ft²)
15.5m x 16.6m x 7.5m [high] (166.849ft x 178.68ft x 80.72ft [high])
0m / 0ft.
Up to 1 ton per point.
No Air Conditioning Unit.
1 x 80 amp Distribution Board with 2 x 32 amp (3-phase), 4 x 16 amp (single phase) and 6 x 15 amp _single phase) power plugs, and 1 x 80 amp Distrbution Board with 9 x 15 amp (single phase) power plugs.


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